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July 13, 2018

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Two clinets, checking aound our factory, machines, working environment.

Some customers are curious that why we can supply with different shape of synthetic winch ropes? Due to our special production line. Want to come and check?

Benefits of synthetic winch ropes:

The most important features of synthetic winch lines is the safety benefits they provide. Synthetic winch lines do not store energy while under load and are very lightweight. This means that if something goes wrong and the rope breaks, it will harmlessly fall to the ground. Steel wire rope on the other hand, stores a tremendous amount of energy under load, and in the case of breakage, will violently snap back and whiplash. This can cause serious injury to people involved in the winching procedure.

Synthetic winch lines don’t have any wire splinters or burrs like steel wire ropes commonly do, so there is no chance of getting a surprise hand injury while handling a synthetic line.

Finally, there is the issue of weight. Synthetic winch lines are much lighter than their steel counterpart, which reduces the chance of strain and body fatigue when handling lines in winching procedures. This may not be as noticeable when using smaller diameter lines, but in applications that involve very heavy equipment, steel wire rope lines and extensions can weigh upwards of 200 pounds and require multiple people to handle them. Synthetic winch lines are up to 80% lighter, making them much easier to carry and handle.

With this product, there should be no worry.

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